Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Project Gould

Way back in December, 2010, I posted about the filmography of Donald Sutherland and Elliott Gould in the 1970s with the idea of doing a book about these two actors' careers during my favorite decade of cinema.

It's over three years later and that project has yet to come to fruition. One of my first stumbling blocks was Donald Sutherland's publicist who has acted like a successful roadblock. I was taken aback by his publicist's first question to me; "Why would you talk about them [Gould and Sutherland] together since they were only in one movie together?" Apparently, she'd remembered M*A*S*H but forgotten S*P*Y*S, Little Murders, and the friendship that the two men shared in the early 1970s. This exclusion of Sutherland may have been a blessing in disguise, however, Gould's filmography from 1969 to 1981 includes an astounding 28 feature films, not to mention his numerous appearances on television specials.

Since 2010, I've been working to track down people involved with these films and interviewing them. I've had a lot of luck with some films (California Split, Little Murders, etc) and horrid luck with others (Harry & Walter Go to New York, The Lady Vanishes, I Will... I Will... For Now, etc). I've been working for a few years to try and get a response from James Caan, Malcolm Marmorstein, Claudia Cardinale, Steven Paul, and Kim Darby (to name a few). I've gotten turned down by Diane Keaton, Mark Rydell, and Cybill Shepherd.

I'm very sad to say that during my research Ted Post (Whiffs) and Charles Jarrott (The Last Flight of Noah's Ark) have passed away. However, I was very fortunate to have talked to Mel Stuart (I Love My Wife) just a few weeks prior to his passing. He died owing me $108.00 (a story I hope to include in the book).

Even without input from some of the aforementioned folks, I'm still planning on finally getting my ass in gear and going ahead with the project in 2014.

And what about the man himself? What about Elliott Gould? He may be interested in participating and, of course, that would be invaluable. I need to show him that I can do more than just write blog posts and proposals about a book. After I wrap up a few things for BearManor Media, I'm going to buckle down and write a chapter on California Split and Getting Straight. Of course, I'm going to go beyond the films themselves and talk about their sources, what other films compare with them, the times in which they were made, and their influences on other films/culture.

Why am I posting this? I'm hoping that it will help hold my feet to the fire as well as maybe shake some fruit from the trees. I can hope.

Interviews in the Can
Joseph Walsh (California Split)
Jules Feiffer (Little Murders)
Peter Hyams (Busting + Capricorn One)
Brenda Vaccaro (I Love My Wife + Capricorn One)
Mel Stuart (I Love My Wife)
Richard Rush (Getting Straight)
Albert Ruddy (Matilda)
Timothy Galfas (Matilda)
Gary Morgan (Matilda)
Fred Williamson (M*A*S*H + Mean Johnny Barrows)
Jack Gold (Who?)
Joss Ackland (S*P*Y*S)
Sandy Glass (The Last Flight of Noah's Ark)

Interviews I hope to get
Alan Arkin (Little Murders)
Albert E. Lewin (I Will... I Will... For Now)
Allen Garfield (Busting)
Alvin Rakoff (Dirty Tricks)
Anthony Page (The Lady Vanishes)
Bill Cosby (The Devil & Max Devilin)
Christopher Plummer (The Silent Partner)
Curtis Hanson (The Silent Partner)
Cybill Shepherd (The Lady Vanishes)
Diane Keaton (Harry & Walter Go To New York + I Will... I Will... For Now)
Donald Sutherland (MASH, SPYS, Little Murders)
Geneviève Bujold (The Last Flight of Noah's Ark)
Geneviève Waïte (Move)
James Caan (Harry & Walter Go To New York)
Malcolm Marmorstein (SPYS + Whiffs)
Mark Rydell (The Long Goodbye + Harry & Walter Go to New York)
Mary Rodgers (The Devil & Max Devlin)
Max von Sydow (The Touch)
Nina Van Pallandt (The Long Goodbye)
Paul Mazursky (Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice)
Paula Prentiss (MOVE)
Robert Blake (Busting)
Steven Hilliard Stern (The Devil & Max Devlin)
Steven Paul (Falling in Love Again)

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