Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Blue Water Film Festival Announces 2012 Dates

March 6, 2012 - Port Huron, Mich. The Blue Water Film Festival is proud to announce the dates of their upcoming fourth annual festival as October 5 and 6, 2012.

"Every year the Blue Water Area has embraced what the festival offers in terms of entertainment, culture and cutting edge film making by Michigan talent," said Jeremy Stemen, the festival's Executive Director. "Our goal is to become an established annual event attended by locals, tourists and of course, the film industry. We feel a strong connection to the local community that has supported us and we're pleased to announce that we will be presenting an exciting fourth festival this October."

The Blue Water Film Festival made its mark in previous years by bringing movie premieres, celebrities and critically acclaimed independent films to downtown Port Huron. It features the best in film making created in or by residents of Michigan and Lambton County, Ontario.

Fans of the Blue Water Film Festival can "Like" the event's page on Facebook or follow @BWFF1 on Twitter. For more information about the Blue Water Film Festival, please visit www.bluewaterfilmfestival.com.

The annual Blue Water Film Festival strives to bring movies, movie stars and movie makers to Port Huron. The movies shown at the festival are diverse and enjoyable to people of all ages. For one week a year, our community has the opportunity to see the stars of tomorrow in Port Huron today.

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