Monday, August 01, 2011

Paul Williams in Ape Makeup on Carson

Years ago Leon Chase asked the world for a glimpse of Paul Williams in his ape make-up on The Tonight Show in his story All the Good Guys and the Bad Guys that I've Been.

Williams, for his part as Virgil, the amiable orangutan companion, manages to look eerily like himself behind the makeup, and does a decent job of walking awkwardly and saying wise things at appropriate moments. He doesn't break any ground dramatically; then again, the Apes movies aren't exactly known for their understatement. More intriguing than the movie itself is the fact that, after one particularly long day of shooting, Paul was scheduled to make one of his many appearances on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show." Not wanting to miss it, and always up for a good laugh, Paul arranged to sing a surprise, romantically lit version of one of Johnny's favorite songs... in full ape makeup.

Here you go, Leon.

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