Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Impossibly Funky Book Tour - Summer 2011 Edition!

I'm happy to announce the dates for the summer 2011 Impossibly Funky book tour.

This should be my triumphant return to NYC. It'll be a little strange to go back with Impossibly Funky in tow since the first section of the book centers around my experience with the New York Underground Film Festival back in 1995. (Read all about it here).

At each of the stops I'll be screening a movie (or two) and doing an introduction of the film, Q&A, and maybe even some interpretive dance.

Fri 5/2792YTribeca, Manhattan NYMiami Blues & Shock TreatmentRSVP
Sat 5/28It Came From Schenectady, Schenectady NYWithout Warning & Satan's CheerleadersRSVP
Sun 5/29Blue Sunshine, Montreal, QCAngel's Brigade (16mm)RSVP
Tue 5/31Cinema Arts Center, Huntington, NYBlack ShampooRSVP
Wed 6/1reRun Gastropub, Brooklyn NYBlack ShampooRSVP
Fri 6/3Brookline Booksmith, Boston, MASigning/ReadingRSVP
Fri 6/3The Coolidge Corner Theater, Boston, MABlack ShampooRSVP
Sat 6/4Cable Car Cinema - Providence, RIBlack ShampooRSVP


Grebo Guru said...

Please come to Toronto to pimp yr awesome goods.

Mike White said...

I was there back in December for a screening of Crime Wave with the Toronto Underground folks. Director John Paizs was even there for a Q&A after the show. I'm sorry you missed it/me! I've still got books at The Beguiling and EyeSore.

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