Sunday, October 24, 2010

Impossibly Funky Release Party

I wasn't in the theater when the curling iron scene hit the big screen but I could hear the moans coming from inside the auditorium from the table on the first landing. I was manning the book table and just cooling out for a bit while the screening of Black Shampoo went on.

While I'd been watching, I found myself laughing and/or reacting extra loudly a few times to the film as I think that the audience was a little stunned by the happenings on screen but when I came back in near the end I was glad to hear everyone reacting appropriately.

Seeing Black Shampoo on the big screen in a fairly crowded theater in Detroit really was something of a dream come true. That people were showing up for something that I helped put together made the experience even more of a joy.

Things started around 2PM at the Burton Theater. Rather than reading a piece from Impossibly Funky I did a brief history of the zine, doing a show & tell of old issues to show the evolution of Cashiers du Cinemart. Then it was showtime. I'd put together a two hour program: a half hour of previews and Who Do You Think You're Fooling and 90 minutes of Black Shampoo (my fan edit of the film which removed the "poodle kick" scene from the DVD), And, afterward, I rang up director Greydon Clark for a Q&.A via phone. Greydon came through loud and clear, talking about Black Shampoo and fielding questions from the audience. It was awesome!

I had expected maybe two dozen people to show up -- counting the folks who had responded via my Facebook invite along with folks who promised they'd show up -- and managed to get more than that. In all, I'd estimate that maybe 40 people came, and I wasn't the former co-worker, college chum, friend, or family friend of a lot of them! I can't thank everyone enough who made it to the event. It turned out far better than I could have hoped.

Thanks again to everyone who came out! Below are a couple of pix. I'll add more when/if I get 'em!

Andrea mans the selling table.
Books $20 in person (autographs free) and DVDs $5

Mitch Range and me express our admiration.

The infamous pool table at the Burton.
No one reenacted scenes from Black Shampoo there
(that I know of).

Me and Andrea outside the Burton
on a lovely Sunday afternoon
Photo by Dion Conflict

Dion by The Stream in the Desert, Cass Avenue

A run down palace behind the Burton
Photo by Dion Conflict

The Detroit Door at the Burton
Photo by Dion Conflict

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Awesome! I am so happy for you brother. Great pictures and thank you for sharing a recap.

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