Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Andy Kaufman: World Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion

When I first heard of the new DVD, Andy Kaufman: World Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion, my first question was, "How is this different from I'm from Hollywood?" -- the documentary about Kaufman's wrestling career.

Where I'm from Hollywood is a documentary, Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion is a collection of home video tapes of Andy Kaufman's wrestling bouts, usually unedited, poorly lit, and accompanied by some really annoying songs from S.S. Bumblebee and some repetitive crowd sound effects.

Directed by Lynne Margulies -- a co-director of I'm from Hollywood, Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion feels like a garage sale of a film. It's like Ms. Margulies had a lot of tapes she transferred willy-nilly to a DVD and called the end product Andy Kaufman: World Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion. This and the accompanying book, Andy Kaufman: I Hate Your Guts feel like Ms. Margulies trying to make some quick cash off the name of her dead friend. Pretty fucking tacky.

Do yourself a favor and stick to I'm from Hollywood instead.

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