Monday, March 30, 2009

Willie Dynamite

Willie Dynamite (Gilbert Moses, 1974, USA)

It isn't every host of your favorite childhood show that can keep his pimp hand strong and make you believe it but that's what Roscoe Orman did in Willie Dynamite. Yes, "Gordon" from Sesame Street walks the walk as Willie D, the baddest pimp in town.

Dressed in some of the most ridiculous outfits this side of the Players Ball, Willie is a capitalist who bucks under the proposed socialist system of his fellow pimps. When Willie won't join the collective, they vow to take him out. If that's not bad enough, Willie's got a busybody social worker trying to talk his new ho, Pashen (Joyce Walker) out of the life.

A morality play painted in broad swaths, Willie D has been justifiably compared to a filmed Jack Chick tract (one of those funky ones drawn by Fred Carter). But Chick never had the funked out score and Technicolor nightmare outfits.

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