Sunday, July 20, 2008

What Goes Around

You may remember that Andrea and I were out in Las Vegas back in February for Valentine's Day. We stayed at the Planet Hollywood Casino and had a blast. At one point we were walking across the casino floor when a bevy of lights and cameras caught our attention.

"That's Bobby Flay," I said, recognizing the cilantro-crazed chef standing outside of the Heart Bar. We figured he must have been shooting a promo for his restaurant, though it seemed odd that he'd be at Planet Hollywood for his Caesar's Palace place.

Five months later I found out what Bobby was up to when I caught tonight's episode of "The Next Food Network Star" only to watch him shooting a promo with contestant Aaron McCargo Jr. -- it had to be that same day that Andrea and I were there. I would have probably figured this out had not we been chased away by an overeager P.A.. Plus, we had things to do -- like getting our drinks on.

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