Monday, May 26, 2008

The Next David Goodis Film

Of all the David Goodis works that have come to the silver screen, it's remarkable that one of his most popular, Cassidy's Girl, eluded adaption. Not so fast, hardboiled/film fans. Photographer/filmmaker Edward Holub has been working fervently to bring the tawdry tale to a theater near you.

Duane Swierczynski interviewed Holub back in March 2007 over at his Secret Dead Blog. I have yet to see Holub's film NIGHT RUNS RED (it's on order) but I'm very familiar with his photographic work, having done scads of covers for Black Lizard and other publishers. One of his images has been appropriated by at least one video seller on iOffer for their film noir selections. If Holub brings his photographic eye to his film work, we'll all be in luck when CASSIDY'S GIRL gets off the ground. Keep up to date at

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