Monday, January 21, 2008

The Hunt Continues

Just when I thought that I had tracked down every television adaptation of David Goodis's work that there could be, I came across three more. Another episode of "The Edge" from HBO and two episodes of "Lux Video Theater":

  • "The Edge" - "Black Pudding" (23 August 1989) with Alan Sharp teleplay from the 1953 Goodis short story, features Brad Davis as an ex-prisoner seeking revenge on his former boss and unfaithful ex-wife (Kelly Lynch).
  • "Lux Video Theater" - "Ceylon Treasure" - (14 Jan 1952) with Irwin Lewis teleplay, directed by Seymour Kulik. Starring Edmund O'Brien and Maria Riva. Adapted from the short story "The Blue Sweetheart"
  • "Lux Video Theater" - "The Unfaithful" - (12 Jan 1956) directed by Earl Eby. Starring Jan Sterling. Benjamin Simcoe adapted the Goodis-James Gunn story and screenplay for the hour-long play.

This blog entry does a great job bringing up a few other dark alleys like an adaptation of Nightfall on "Sure as Fate."

And, so, I dive back into this dark David Goodis world to keep on researching the adaptations of his work for the screen. My research never stops, even after the article's been put to bed.

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