Sunday, January 28, 2007

Return to Philadelphia.... Again

When I was in Philadelphia for Goodiscon I was lucky enough to meet Larry Withers. He's making a documentary called DAVID GOODIS: TO A PULP. I got to chatting with him about the article I'm writing on the film and TV adaptations of David Goodis's works. More than chatting, I talking his ear off. Eventually he stopped me and asked if I was going to be around for a while. He wanted to get me on tape for his flick. Alas, I was off to the airport shortly thereafter.

Of Tender Sin Now, I could have someone up here in Detroit shoot me with a digicam and shoot the tape down to him but I don't know anyone who does. Completely self-absorbed and flattered as hell that someone would actually give a shit about what I have to say, I'm going to take off back to Philly the last weekend of February. It won't be a long trip -- I think I'll be gone for 26 hours in total. Oh, the efforts I make to stoke my own ego.

I'm just about done with the rough draft of my Goodis piece. I finally got the episode of Bourbon Street Beat that was based on a Goodis story. I ordered one back in Mid-November that I paid far too much ($40) for. The other one I traded for in early January. Of course I actually got two versions of the same episode on the same day and the one that was a trade was a few hundred times better than the other one.

It feels like I'm missing one thing for every major article I'm penning for the next issue. I went ahead with my Travis McGee piece in Cashiers du Cinemart #14 despite missing a relatively crucial component, a script by Terry Rossio & Ted Elliot. It was about two months after that issue came out that I got a response from Rossio's secretary and she graciously sent me a copy of the script. I'll write about it in the next issue but, gosh, how I hate to be anything less than definitive. That's where my obsessive nature really comes in handy for my readers, I hope.

Speaking of readers, it was quite a nice feeling to get an email from a buddy of mine that actually addressed some of the stuff I had brought on here, on my myspace blog, and on You mean someone actually reads this stuff? According to Google Analytics there are either five people that read this blog or it's simply me hitting this URL when I go to sign up or see if I have feedback. I vote for the latter.

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