Thursday, November 02, 2006

Together for days in all that leather...

It's "Blaxploitation Month" over at my favorite Torrent site so I thought I'd share one of the torrents I posted up there -- it's kind of a homemade "best of" Blaxploitation soundtracks.  You'll see that it's glaringly missing BLACK SHAMPOO and BLACK BELT JONES cuts.  Still waiting on the official soundtrack release of both of those -- especially Gerald Lee's tremendous score. 

Download Here

Theme Of The MackWillie Hutch
Coffy Is the ColorRoy Ayers
Slaughter ThemeJames Brown
Trouble ManMarvin Gaye
Theme Of Foxy BrownWillie Hutch
The Boss (From The Black Caesar Soundtrack)James Brown, JB Horns
Make A ResolutionThe Impressions
Across 110th StreetBobby Womack & Peace
Are You Man Enough?The Four Tops
PushermanCurtis Mayfield
ExpressB.T. Express
Big PapaEdwin Starr
Truck Turner (Main Title)Isaac Hayes
Willie DJ.J.Johnson
We Be's Gettin' DownLarry Graham & Graham Central Station
ExpansionsLonnie Liston Smith
People Get Up And Drive Your Funky SoulJames Brown
Theme From ShaftIsaac Hayes
Blowin' Your MindSmith & Co.
John ShaftSammy Davis Jr.

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Hey...I used to date that guy. In fact, I bought him that green suit.

I have very good taste, dontcha think?

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