Thursday, September 28, 2017

UK Journal: The Cure for Abuse


Dude, The Cure concert was rulin'... or was it?

We went to the Financial District of London today. Yawn. After coming home at about 11:30 with a fun bus ride: this one chick, Suhani, is a Nazi bitch so Jim and Kevin started making fun of her. They played a game of the Stars of David vs. The Swastikas and as a collateral, I bet Jerusalem. This pissed Stacie off, who started crying and carrying on. [Our hearts were in the right place, trying to humiliate a Nazi though we could have done it better.]

In the afternoon today we took in The London Experience which was OK. Then, instead of waiting in London, we went back to Tolworth to Michelle's and missed the train as it was canceled so Michelle and I arrived at Waterloo about two hours after we said, or actually after Leslie told us. And then took the Underground to Queenspark to change trains and go to Wembley [stadium]. This is the time that tried my soul.

Michelle and Leslie went to the bathroom and told Doug and I to wait. Apparently, when they came back they thought they saw us get on the grain there -- which we didn't.

After waiting an hour we went to look for them (the concert had already started about 45 minutes earlier) when a worker came up to us to tell us that Leslie and Michelle were in Wembley -- not in the bathroom -- and not in trouble. So, we waited for the next train to take us to Wembley. Boy, were we pissed. Once we go there I exploded and pushed Leslie. I pushed a bit too hard and got her really made not that I wasn't. So they started running to the concert but Doug and I said "Bullshit on that" and as they walked a block ahead of us, we decided to just go home. It was a fifteen pound loss but I think it was worth it. I hope that by Saturday Leslie and Michelle will be mellow.

So here I am in Kingston. The wrong train again.

So now I have to go back to Wimbledon or Raynes Park and wait, after this train shows up.

I know it was a really shitty thing to do to Leslie and Michelle but it seemed right at the time. I'll see how they are on Saturday. Until then, I'll try not to think about it.

Dude! This [note]book is almost through. I bought a new one but Michelle has it. Fuck. I liked Natasha. She was nice. But she was somewhat dorky and a drunk. I like Michelle - she's nice but she has a boyfriend.

England needs:
Iced Tea
Air Conditioning
Less Litter
Faster Rails
Better Roads
Everything Cheaper
Happier People

[This incident with Leslie -- physically shoving her when we finally arrived at the train station after being worried sick about our friends who just disappeared -- still haunts me. This is the first and only time I ever abused a woman without her consent. I won't try to make any excuses. It was a terrible thing to do and something for which I'm still sorry.

By this point in the trip, it seems that nerves are getting raw and the angst in my pants is just making everything worse.]

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