Friday, September 29, 2017

Shanghai Diary: A Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day in Shanghai. The air was so clear that I could see the Shanghai Tower from my apartment window.

It was my last day of working with Laura and Jason. They're heading back to Michigan tomorrow.

We spent the morning at the office, going over budgets, wrapping up their stay, and celebrating office birthdays. With Golden Week starting Sunday, there were fewer than normal people in the office and we went back to the hotel for lunch.

Jason was in need of a new bag for some of the things he's gotten so we went back to the underground mall at Century Park. Fortunately, this time around we had something of a guide to keep the annoying hucksters at bay. One of the guys that works there, James, is an acquaintance of my listeners who put us in touch. I always enjoy saying, "I know a guy..."

That worked out well.

We went back for drinks at the hotel before Jason and Laura packed for the return trip. I met up with them for Japanese food at a place just down the street from me. Dinners this week have included Japanese, Brazilian, Mexican, and American. There's been a real dearth of Chinese food in my diet since I've been in China. Likewise, my diet's gone out the fucking window. I hope to make it to the grocery store and get on a regular eating schedule again once I'm on my own.

I'm curious what it'll be like when I'm flying solo starting tomorrow. I'm hoping kind of routine. That'll be easier once office is open again after Golden Week. I also did a little research and found a bar that does pub trivia on Monday nights (The White Horse). They're resuming games on 10/10.

Places like that pub and some others that I've been wanting to see are just a bit out of my walking range and I don't want to take taxis everywhere. That said, I bought myself an electric scooter. I've never driven a motorcycle (this is a light version of that) so I'm a little shaky so far. Think I'm going to do a lot of practicing before I just let loose and go on a longer drive. Maybe I'll try to hit the grocery store (poor choice of words?) tomorrow. Of all the dumb things I don't know how to get, it needs air in the back tire and it's not like I've seen gas stations on every corner. I haven't seen any at all.

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