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UK Journal: British Food and Toby's Jug

Undated, 1989 [I imagine this is either later in the day or the next day]

Well, here I am. I met Mrs. Lee [my host mother] and she seems nice. Too soon to tell. I napped and then ate (Yuck). The food is really filling and just a tad bit disgusting but I'm sure I'll grow accustomed to it.

Then we checked out the rail road station. I hope to see the others soon. Well, time for bed, Hasta Luego.


9:00 Wimbledon station 7/15


Welp (sic), here I am on the train to Tolworth. Today, 7/14, we walked around Wimbledon, our nearest biggest community. I hung out with Natasha most of the time, if not all. I'm liking her more all the time. Mrs. Lee on the other hand...

I bought two 7"s [those are records, kids], "Overground" and "Israel" [Siouxsie & The Banshees] and I also saw the 7" for "Disappointed" [Public Image Ltd] but didn't get it. I found "Viva Hate" but under a different name, if I don't find Andy's other albums, I get him that. [Andy Feudner had given me a long shopping list of singles from The Smiths].

Tonight we went to the EF party -- dull. We did not do anything. Then we (Stacy, Natasha, and I) went to Wimbledon and looked around. We went a man who went to U of M [The University of Michigan]. His family s Arabic and live in Wimbledon. They should us 'round the house: it was HUGE. The whole family seemed very nice and knew how rude the English usually are. Good clothes but bad attitudes.


Andy's expenditures

Andy can spend
- £16.50

9.90 DM = £3.30

Party Pyramid:

Bash -- Drunk and fucked
Party -- Drunk
Get-Together --> Us

[Undated Entry]

Oh, June! I'm Home!

What did you do today, Ward?

Well... The train was 25 minute late to Wimbledon but luckily Michelle, Leslie (a fellow Michigander and frequenter of Teen-Nite at the Shelter) and two older guys were there so I had a pretty good time waiting for the train.

We eventually got to Wimbledon and then went on to Waterloo where we took the tube to Piccadilly Circus. While in he station I was reminded of An American Werewolf in London: the part where the guy is chased up those steep escalators which I had to face today. Then we toured London on top of a bus and saw many things but I was totally disoriented by the driving. Then we were allowed to go off on our own so Natasha and I went all over London where we were at [a horrible sentence].

I bought some 12"s [more records, kids] for Andy and some Monty Python albums and a Public Enemy t-shirt for myself. She bought a leather bracelet and t-shirt for herself.

We are supposed to go to some really fine shops soon and I hope it is soon and I hope they are fine.

Then she and I walked all over for hours, buying tea and ice a few times and having a rather inexpensive dinner and then went back to St. James park for a lovely sit down.


72 New Malden Police 152

July 16

"Well, at least Mussolini got the trains to run on time."


Meet 7/17 at Wimbledon at 8:45

Tonight bring "The Scream", Seldane, batteries [Sounds ominous]

[Undated Entry]

Right, today I went to Buckingham Palace and saw a bit of the changing of the guards. They even played "The Washington Post" march when they marched out. It is so hard to believe that so many people from so many different parts of the U.S. can enjoy one anothers company as much I feel our group is.

My parents want to send me to Germany while I'm here so I'm going to check with Fran [our leader] tomorrow to see if there are a few days that I wouldn't mind being gone.

After Buckingham Palace we went to Hyde Park and saw Speakers' Corner. Quite a novel and necessary idea. Then Natasha, Stacy, a girl from Washington named Heather, and I walked to the Hard Rock cafe. Rip off, boring. Then we went up the street ad found all sorts of vendors where I found tons o' Smiths crap. I got two buttons for 10p each -- a Siouxsie and a Bauhaus -- then we found a guy who sold packs of four buttons and one post card where I found Siouxsie again and where Natasha got the same plus some Depeche Mode, Morrissey, and one other which eludes e for a minute. Then we had a perfectly awful time just sitting around Piccadilly Circus and riding the underground.

I found out that Michelle and the L.A. guy [Jimmy] both live in Tolworth. I was supposed to meet them at Toby's Jug tonight but I didn't feel like it. Sitting in a smelly English pub with a bunch of drunks and then walking home didn't really appeal to me. So, I watched some stupid show about three English vets with a stunning bovine rectal examination scene.

Public Enemy and the Blues Brothers seem to be popular. I've seen more stuff with them than anything except maybe Michael Jackson and The Cure.


Tues 7/25
Fri 7/28

Wed Waterloo at 10:30
Thurs Free
Fri Paris
Toby's Jug.... 533
Heathrow... 609

[To be continued]

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