Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bob Le Flambeur Podcast Now Available!

I've been chatting up the podcast series Out of the Past for months—ever since I met podcasters Richard Edwards and Shannon Klute at the 2008 NoirCon. I spent the early weeks of the summer gorging on their dozen of episodes, enjoying their thorough discussions of films noir old and new.

The well-spoken pair have been steadily creating a conversation about this misunderstood style cum genre through discussion of a motley collection of movies. They've taken on the pillars of noir such as Detour, The Killing, Murder My Sweet, and The Big Sleep as well as underappreciated flicks including He Walked By Night, The Hitchhiker, and I Wake Up Screaming.

Thus, I was honored to be included onto the playing field to speak about one of my favorite films, Jean-Pierre Melville's Bob Le Flambeur. I asked author/screenwriter/mensch Howard A. Rodman to save me from being alone with a microphone (I know how dangerous that can be, having listened to old tapes of me on WCBN). Not only did Howard save me but he came through with flying colors. He's wonderfully eloquent and perceptive in his commentary on the French crime classic. Even if I wasn't involved in this episode, I'd be recommending it for Howard's compelling discussion.

Get to it right here.

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The audio editing of this episode is remarkable as I don't sound like too huge of an idiot. I thought I spoke a lot faster and made a lot less sense. I suspect that there's some kind of filter that was used to de-stupefy me.

I highly recommend checking out all of the Clute & Edwards podcasts including their Behind the Black Mask series which takes on crime writing, boasting interviews with several of my favorite authors including Duane Swierczynsk and Megan Abbott (who's hosting the next Out of the Past with a discussion of Nicholas Ray's In A Lonely Place).

The website for both podcasts is NoirCast.net.


Ed said...

That's way cool, Mike. Congrats.

Coincidentally, I just watched The Good Thief a couple nights ago.

Mike White said...

I'm sorry!

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