Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Terror in the Aisles

Sometimes it's really tough to live in Detroit, especially when I see all of the cool things going on in sister cities like Toronto and Chicago. This morning I got word of two amazing events:

  • Toronto - Phantascope keeps coming with great "underground" screenings. Today they announced their latest... members only, though. More details here
  • Chicago - The Movieside Film Festival presents "Terror in the Aisles," a 13 hour marathon of flicks. More details here

If there are cool things like this going on in Detroit... I don't know about 'em.

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Mack said...

Not gonna lie to you. It is really, really slick being a part of this group up here in the T.O. We're very much looking forward to this month's screening before taking a break for the festival season.

I almost feel like sending you a Phantascope postcard, 'Wish you were here'.

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