Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 Goals

My goals for 2011:

  • Cut down on social networking -- it should be safe to un-ignore me now
  • Contribute more to Mondo-Video
  • Write up proposals for a few more book ideas; submit to publishers
  • Keep my pimp hand strong
  • Get the audio version of Impossibly Funky complete. Might have to grab a bottle of gin and do a marathon recording session with just me and a microphone to get the stories read that have yet to be done.
  • March - Bring in Greydon Clark to the Horror Hound convention and sell a bunch of books
  • June - Second leg of the book tour from New Jersey to New York to Rhode Island to Massachusetts to Quebec
  • September - Cashiers du Cinemart #16

Other hopes:

  • Get John Paizs's Crime Wave out on DVD
  • Visit Austin, TX -- maybe for Fantastic Fest? -- to do a book event
  • Visit Memphis, TN -- maybe to Black Lodge video? -- to do a book event
  • Contribute more to Paracinema


Rob said...

Hey! If you're looking for a voice for the audio sessions - let me know! I'd love to work with you on it!



XichthusX said...

Good Luck, Mike!!!

Keep me posted on everything you are doing and I will get the word out to help support you in anyway. I need those magazines that you have written for!!!

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