Monday, January 10, 2011

Fundraising for CdC #16

Despite doing this as lo-fi as possible (think copy machine and staples), there's still expenses that are going to some expenses for Cashiers du Cinemart #16.

There's postage, materials, and even a UPC to be purchased as well as a lot of other things I've forgotten since the last issue (back in 2007).

I don't plan on doing much of any advertising for this issue. Not sending out post cards. Not buying ads in Cineaste. If you know about it, you're in an elite group.

That said... I started a fund over at IndieGoGo to pay for these expenses. Of course, I'm not asking for something for nothing. If you've got a couple bucks that you feel like giving away (and, hey, who doesn't in this economy?) then please check out the Cashiers du Cinemart 16 fundraiser.



XichthusX said...

COuld I just send you a check in the mail?!?! Also, could we send you something that you could put in CdC #16 for ?

Mike White said...

No checks, please. :)

Sure, you can send me an ad. Let me get specs together. Not sure what the sizes are at the moment.

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