Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hollywood Synchonicity Strikes Again

When I saw the preview for Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories, I thought that life was bad enough. Then I see the preview to Brendan Fraser in Inkheart and realized that the same story is being told twice this holiday season. There are differences, of course, but far more similarities with the barrier between imagination and reality blending into a "fanciful tale the whole family will love."

Personally, I think I'll like Inkheart more -- looks like a better story and, well, Brendan Fraser isn't Adam Sandler. I don't care that the Inkheart trailer utilizes that "cheeky Pushing Daisies voiceover". I am concerned that it's slated (for the moment) to come out January 9, 2009 and it's missing the X-mas release that Bedtime Stories will enjoy.

Bedtime Stories


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