Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Indiana Jones - Dusting Off Cobwebs

Jonesing for the Indy Film

I'm breaking out this old article that I wrote for Cashiers du Cinemart #9 -- "Jonesing for the Indy Film" -- as it looks like a good time to revisit the Indy Jones films that could have been compared to the one coming out.

I'm not going to bet my lunch money on it, but I'm willing to posit that INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL will contain a number of ideas that were used in these early drafts of a fourth Indy film. It looks as if the "MONKEY GOD OF AFRICA" and "SAUCER MEN FROM MARS" have been morphed into a kind of CHARIOTS OF THE GODS idea involving aliens and ancient civilizations, turning Indy Jr. into a male Lara Croft figure.

That David Koepp penned the script for CRYSTAL SKULL doesn't fill me with confidence. He's much more of a "miss" than "hit" kind of writer and his history with Steven Spielberg has been fairly bad (JURASSIC PARK, WAR OF THE WORLDS). And with George Lucas receiving story credit, that doesn't necessarily instill confidence either.

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