Sunday, February 03, 2008

Booted from YouTube

Bad news this week - I was kicked off of YouTube. Apparently I'd had two previous warnings -- once for uploading a clip from Animaniacs related to my "A Parody Now" article and another for the preview for THE PSYCHIC. My third strike was for adult content. Ironically enough, it was for the preview to THE SMUT PEDDLER.

I tried to be a big shot and contacted some of the mucky-mucks at YouTube that I've worked with on things like the current Chrysler 300/YouTube contest. The response? No dice. Can't help ya, pal.

I really didn't have much on my YouTube channel that I was keen on keeping other than the hundreds of comments on WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE FOOLING and YOU'RE STILL NOT FOOLING ANYBODY. Those were always a hoot. That said, I suppose I'll be starting over at YouTube with a new account and this time I'll try to steer clear of having any boobies or shrimping in my uploads.

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