Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stomp! Shout! Scream! (Jay Wade Edwards, 2005)

A throwback to classic creature features such as THEM! (Gordon Douglas), IT CONQUERED THE WORLD (Roger Corman), HORROR OF PARTY BEACH (Del Tenney), and THE EYE CREATURES (Larry Buchanan), STOMP! SHOUT! SCREAM! stars the Violas, a trio of luscious female rockers, on tour in their less-than-reliable vehicle. They end up stranded a backwater burg, in the middle of some intrigue. It seems that some nasty debris has washed up on the beach bringing with it a “skunk ape” from the Florida Everglades.

Aided by scientist John Patterson (Jonathan Michael Green), the local constabulary bungles two steps behind the stinky Sasquatch as it feeds on tourists and beach bums alike before turning its attention on the Viola’s lead singer, Theodora (Claire Bronson). Though she may be pursued by the skunk ape, the scientist, and the mechanic fixing her car, Hector (Travis Young), Theodora wants nothing to do with them. You see, she’s got a secret in her past—one that makes her feel that she’s “damaged goods.”

Director Jay Wade Edwards (not to be confused with Jay Edwards of the “Tight Bondage Collection”), perfectly captures 1966. Rather than parody (like John Paizs’s TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN), Edwards does a straight up rendition of the era and its films in STOMP! SHOUT! SCREAM! Beautifully shot with some terrific performances, the film also boasts a truly rockin’ soundtrack.

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