Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nice Review of CdC #15


The new Cashiers Du Cinemart, issue No. 15, has hit the stands. None of its content is available on line yet (though a lot of the previous issue is), but it's a good issue with lots of noirish material well worth tracking down. Editor Mike White (no relation to the writer/director) contributes a profile of much-adapted mystery writer David Goodis, and White also conducts an interview with James Ellroy while surveying his cinematic legacy. Also on hand is a survey of "fan edits" of hit movies, also by Mike White, and an account of the fascinating, insiderish novel Flicker, by Theodore Roszak, again by Mike White. Roszak's book is on the verge of becoming of a movie, and White reviews the script by Jim Uhls, whose only other credit is Fight Club. White also does massive autopsies on the most recent Fantastic Four and Superman movies. Not credited to White is the column "Notes from the Underground," by Andy Gately, which covers Psychopathia Sexualis, and the film about the late conspiratoligist, Mae Brussell in Santa Cruz. — D. K. Holm

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