Sunday, June 10, 2007

Soy Antipatico

Just found a little write-up on me and some of my videos on a Spanish blog. Without knowing exactly what they're saying, I know it's not good just by the mention of Alfred Hitchcock. Probably copping to that, "Well, Brian DePalma rips off Alfred Hitchcock and no one seems to mind..."

I wonder how you say, "Good artists create and great artists steal" en espanol.


Anonymous said...

hello! I'm the owner of that blog and you're totally wrong: I don't talk about the Hitchcock and Palma thing, I say that to find the films that tarantino copy has become a game like to find hitckcock in his own movies.

You're prejudiced, as you do always in your opinions about tarantino. You must read something of Umberto Eco and his essay about literature and cinema to understand some things about "stealing ideas".

Sorry for my english.


Anonymous said...

"Good artists create and great artists steal"

"Los buenos artistas crean y los artistas geniales roban"


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