Friday, June 15, 2007

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

And what are those ideas rattling around in my head? Though I try to keep myself accountable (to me and my readers), I tend to not announce stories before they're done as they might die on the vine. Regardless, here are some of the pieces that I want to pen in the near future:

  • Cinema Cockfight
  • William Shatner In Peril!
  • An Appreciation of Jean-Pierre Melville
  • A Study of Oldrich Lipsky
  • A Mess of Dusan Makavejev (Dusan, I'm still waiting for those interview answers that I sent back in 2002, buddy!)
  • Feels Like Dick - The films that aren't based on Philip K. Dick, but feel like they are
  • The Reality of Peter Watkins
  • The Red Peony Gambler Series
  • Richard Brautigan

And some of my "dream articles" include:

  • The Films of Rafael Corkidi
  • Cinema Suzuki - A Study of Seijun Suzuki
  • Kanai Katsu - The Bad Boy of Japanese Cinema
  • Maria Beatty: Beauty in Brutality

I'm sure that there are others but those are the ones that come to mind with ease.

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