Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Big Push

And now begins my big push to get Impossibly Funky into as many media outlets as I possibly can. Newspapers, blogs, radio, TV, social networks, whatever. Between the release of the book and the tour, it's time to take out all stops.

I've started compiling a list of media outlets in all the cities where I'll be appearing in November but if anyone can chime in with information -- the local alt-weekly, good film/pop culture/entertainment radio shows, book reviewers for the local paper, etc -- I'd appreciate it. As a refresher of where I'm going to be appearing, here's the list.

Of course I'm going to concentrate on Detroit and Philadelphia first and then bust some butt on Pittsburgh, Metuchin, Baltimore, Richmond, Washington DC and points in between. Thanks in advance for any help!


XichthusX said...

Louisville, KY is a good place to promote your book. They have a lot of people and media that support your DIY minded people. Here is a list of outlets I would start with.

If you can't find that at least one of these fine companies not willing to support you I will be shocked!! If you need any help please call or message me on FB.

Mike White said...

Thanks! I need to get down to KY again one of these days. Haven't been down there in forever. This will definitely help!

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