Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Adverb Adjective

For years I've been living under the "impossiblefunky" brand -- a name that pays homage to the film Getting Over. So, why on earth is the name of the Cashiers du Cinemart book Impossibly Funky?

Even people familiar Cashiers du Cinemart still manage to change the adjective-adjective combination to the adverb-adjective. Here's hoping that the book will be seen by more than just the ten or twelve people who used to read the zine. I'm taking it easy on those new people. They're already going to be scratching their head over "Cashiers du Cinemart" (remarkably few people get the joke), so why throw "Impossible Funky" at them, too?

Here's hoping that Impossibly Funky will be something easier to remember, write about, and, yeah, to purchase too.

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