Thursday, July 09, 2009

Someone Left a Cake Out in the Rain

Someone Left a Cake out in the RainMore than eighty cakes, actually, by various bakers. This is another BitTorrent compilation courtesy of my obsessive-compulsive disorder. Download here.

These songs are different versions of the Jimmy Webb song or directly inspired by it. There are a few parodies and even a track that dissects the history and lyrics courtesy of Lyrics Undercover.

Big thanks to Medea 2, The Dingo from Forgotten Albums, WFMU, and everyone else who's supported me in my obsession.

Read more about BitTorrent on WikiPedia.

I'm still on the trail of other versions of this song. For another obsessive list of cover artists, check out this list

MacArthur Park Richard Harris 7:29
MacArthur Park Four Tops 6:34
Macarthur Park The Three Degrees 6:41
Macarthur Park Regine Velasquez 5:01
MacArthur Park The Ventures 4:45
MacArthur Park The Negro Problem 3:30
MacArthur Park Psychotica 4:52
MacArthur Park Wayne Kramer 5:16
MacArthur Park Peter Nero 7:03
MacArthur Park Goober & The Peas 4:55
MacArthur Park Mike Flowers Pops 5:49
Macarthur Park Jimmy Webb 7:43
MacArthur Park Donna Summers 6:25
MacArthur Park Andy Williams 5:06
Macarthur Park Long John Baldry 4:05
MacArthur Park Glen Campbell 4:49
Macarthur Park Maynard Ferguson 10:00
Macarthur Park American Idol 4 2:13
Macarthur Park Sharon 2:09
MacArthur Park Vic Damone 6:06
Macarthur Park The Panpipers 4:00
MacArthur Park The Lounge-O-Leers 4:33
MacArthur Park Frank Sinatra 2:51
Macarthur Park Amen Corner 3:31
MacArthur Park Various Artists 3:41
Macarthur Park The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain 6:15
MacArthur Park The Stone Canyon 6:14
MacArthur Park Stan Kenton 6:20
Macarthur Park Sammy Davis, Jr. 7:14
Macarthur Park Newell Oler 4:44
MacArthur Park Mike Vax 5:41
MacArthur Park Marc Reift Orchestra 5:46
MacArthur Park Manny Lagod 5:02
Macarthur Park Magic Hands 5:12
MacArthur Park Justin Hayward 7:16
MacArthur Park jim anderson 5:38
MacArthur Park Jerry Vale 4:34
MacArthur Park Jack Fender 3:43
Macarthur Park Hybrid Kids 3:06
MacArthur Park Fifty Guitars 4:03
MacArthur Park Diana Ross & The Supremes 6:46
Macarthur Park Denny G 4:51
MacArthur Park Della Reese 3:56
MacArthur Park Count Dee's Hit Explosion 4:17
MacArthur Park Chicago Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra 8:35
MacArthur Park Buddy Greco 4:33
MacArthur Park The Associated Soul Group 6:13
MacArthur Park The Assembled Multitude 3:35
Mac Arthur Park Richard Clayderman 7:41
Mac Arthur Park Lasimmo 5:21
Mac Arthur Park Gro Anita Sch√łnn 3:54
Macarthur Park John Sawyer 6:14
Mac Arthur Park All-Star SUPERband 7:32
Macarthur Park Mike Batt, Justin Hayward, London Philharmonic Orchestra 7:11
Macarthur Park Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 7:24
Macarthur Park (Bonus) Sweden 5:06
MacArthur Park (Revisited) Waylon Jennings 6:37
Parco Macarthur (La Torta in La Pioggia) Father Guido Sarducci 3:11
MacArthur Park Brazilian Tropical Orchestra 2:52
Macarthur Park Queers, The 1:38
MacArthur Park The Burtons 3:06
Medley: MacArthur Park/Didn't We Liza Minnelli 4:06
MacArthur Park Woody Herman 8:32
MacArthur Park Carmen McRae 4:01
Macarthur Park Mantovani 5:23
MacArthur Park The Dovells 5:39
MacArthur Park Maureen McGovern 2:14
Macarthur Park Maestro Jerard 6:41
MacArthur Park Ray Conniff and The Singers 3:39
Macarthur Park Hugo Montenegro 3:22
MacArthur Park Garry Cutt 6:31
MacArthur Park Only Men Aloud 4:36
MacArthur Park Blue Devils 4:13
MacArthur Park Beggar's Opera 8:19
Macarthur Park Percy Faith & His Orchestra 3:43
Macarthur Park Martin Lass 4:16
MacArthur Park Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed 2:52
MacArthur Park The Revells 3:08
Macarthur Park - Popcorn The Two Pete's 6:19
Macarthur Park Tony Monopoly 3:56
Macarthur Park Burning Liquid Fish 6:26
Macarthur Park - With Chet Thumbpickers 2:47
MacArthur Park James Last 8:23
Dreamy Days Roots Manuva 4:46
Jurassic Park Weird Al Yankovic 3:55
It's Not My Birthday They Might Be Giants 1:52
Asteroid 2006 Pete Moore 0:32
Asteroid 70s Pete Moore 0:17
LU-074-MacArthur Park Brian Ibbott 8:12
MacArthur Park Minute Jazz Kissingers 1:02

Note: Link fixed 7/9/2009


Kimberly Lindbergs said...

Damnnit, man! This is amazing. I really want to listen to this so I'm going to have to figure out the whole BitTorrent thing soon. I've somehow managed to avoid it until now.

Mike White said...

It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Just need a client and internet connection and you're off to the races.


Wisbech Sands said...

For someone without the time to trawl thru' all of these versions, who considers the Richard Harris one to be life changing and the Donna Summer one astounding, is there one in particular that can be recommended?

Mike White said...

Oh, they're *all* recommended Wisbech!

Charles Stark said...

Hey man, the torrent is down. Is there anywhere else it is up? Love the list!

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