Thursday, July 17, 2008


The clock's ticking down to my San Francisco/Berkeley trip. It's going to be quite a fast one -- I figured out today that I'll be in the "Citay by the bay-ey-ay" for approximately 55 hours. Yeah. I'm stone cold stupid for not taking a week and enjoying one of the most beautiful areas of the world but these mini-trips are adding up and I'm saving a good chunk of PTO for my September sojourn to Toronto for TIFF.

After hearing Eddie Muller's introduction to Blast of Silence in Philly and listening to Howard A. Rodman wax poetically about Bob Le Flambeur over the weekend (more on that in the next few weeks), I've given myself a pretty high bar that I want to reach -- I hope to be at least half as eloquent as these fine gentlemen when I give my quick talk before Shoot the Piano Player at the David Goodis Film Series.

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