Sunday, December 03, 2006

X-mas Intrusion

My first fight of the Xmas season. Nothing major. Nothing thrown. Not even any profanity. Just a misunderstanding. But it signals to me what I dislike about Xmas; it's the intrusion. I love giving gifts and spreading joy but I like doing it on my own schedule. The rush to get everything bought and wrapped for a seemingly never-ending string of get-togethers just burns my buns.

It's not that I don't like my family. I do. I just like them more in small doses. In the month of December I've got five get-togethers with various factions; sometimes the same ones just in different settings. We give gifts at some, and not others. Each one gives a great opportunity for stress and bites into my time. Yeah, I know, I'm a whiny brat, I just get a little "family'd out" with so many occasions and I am a bit overprotective of my weekends.

I need to get cracking on subtitling RUE BARABARE (which I'm calling SAVAGE STREET as "Barbaric Street" doesn't sound as nice). I want to get this done before the Goodiscon. At the moment I've got a beautiful DVD version that recently came out in France along with a really shitty English dubbed (and Spanish subtitled) version called "CRUEL AVENUE" from Video Search of Miami. Unfortunately, the audio on CRUEL AVENUE is for sucks and I've actually been doing better translating the Spanish subtitles into English -- but that removes me twiceover (at least) from the original French dialogue.

I'm cold kickin' it with the Mrs. today, sitting behind a big pile of gifts that we're sorting and bagging for future wrapping while DUNE: THE RECONSTRUCTED WORKPRINT plays on the TV. This is a mix of the big DUNE release of earlier in the year along with the original version and deleted scenes. I'm hoping that this gets another pass in the fan edit community by "Fan Filtration", the editor who fixed the lack of "blue withing blue" eyes in the extended TV version. I had hoped that this would have been taken care of by Universal before releasing their "deluxe" edition.

Oh, and, speaking of Xmas, the perfect gift this year can be found right here:

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