Saturday, November 11, 2017

Shanghai Diary: Zhujiajiao

On Tuesday we went to the ancient water town Zhujiajio. We were picked up at our place a little before 10 and got to our destination a little after eleven. It was just Andrea and me along with our tour guide, Tom. He's been a tour guide for a long time, apparently, and did a good job of showing us around, though he moved at kind of a breakneck pace. I would have liked to have stopped for lunch while we were there or for one of the many pedicure places where they have fish that eat the dead skin off your feet. That was a thing in the US a few years back but was shut down due to health concerns. "This place is closed indefinitely by the Board of Health." "You don't look like any god damn Health Department to me..."

It was interesting walking across a bridge in this town that's older than the United States. Hell, it was older than Jamestown. Puts things in a bit of perspective.

We were back to the apartment a little after three. I think that this was actually the night where I ordered food but now I'm not sure. Things are a bit of a blur and I can't rely on the itinerary I put together as we got away from that fairly quickly.

No, I know. We went to a local place I hadn't been to (was saving it for Andrea), Las Tapas. It was decent though not somewhere I'm going to rush back to again. The best part was having goat cheese on toast.

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