Saturday, November 21, 2015

Wolf Punk'd?

Occasionally I go over to check out William Pattison AKA Eric Morse's astounding Wolf Pack Podcast. He's still stumping about how "Women in Horror" is unfair and that the Soska Sisters are the spawn of Satan. Rarely does he go off the deep end enough to be of note lately. However, July 2015 episode, An Awakening of Horror: The Bullying Continues, is really something special. Here's the show's description:

Join The King of Splatter Punk, William Pattison and special guest Hank Morris and they discuss Hank's recent bout with bullying by WiHM ambassador Heidi Honeycutt and a number of trolls on Facebook....
This episode is a howler. I'm trying to figure out just who "Hank Morris" is. I thought maybe he was the person behind "Dr. Blood" but regardless, the person going by "Hank Morris" is hilarious. The story he spins just keeps getting increasingly outrageous but either Morse is oblivious to that or just doesn't care. Morse seems to take everything that "Morris" says to heart, including when "Morris" starts talking about his "condition" where he has to drink a lot of moonshine!

Morse doesn't miss a beat, empathizing with a fellow misunderstood horror fan...

There's a bit of a backstory to the episode that Morse doesn't go into. He talks about how "Morris" was bullied by Heidi Honeycutt. Yet, there's no real discussion on what that means. Morse loves to talk about people being bullied, never realizing that he is the bully he despises.

Even when "Morris" (in an obvious put-on voice) suddenly announces that he's attracted to Honeycutt and that Morse should offer an olive branch to her, Morse launches into a convoluted rant about treating women equally; that he can hate them as much as he hates everyone else. What a guy!

I hope that you enjoy this incredible episode of The Wolf Pack Podcast as much as I did.

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Rebekah Herzberg said...

We no longer have Ambassadors or a board for WiHM. It's simply down to if you want to be involved or not. I tried to listen to the podcast but I just have a hard time listening to the entire delusion thing. That goes for his insanely outrageous coffee vlogs where he really lets his two fans know just how mentally disturbed he is. Hell, he and Elske McCain tried to convince everyone that Heidi and I banded together to blacklist people we do not like and called us Feminazis. Even though I didn't listen to the entire thing, I was told about the bits regarding me. He's still pulling lies out of his ass and it's embarrassing.

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