Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Latest Issue of Paracinema Magazine!

It's time to get the latest issue of Paracinema magazine -- one of the best mags out there these days (and one I have been proud to write for in the past... and hopefully the future, too.

Paracinema #12 / June 2011

The Man From Australia: Falling Without a Parachute Through the Films of Ozploitation Filmmaker, Brian Trenchard-Smith
by Justin Bozung

Howling All the Way Straight to Video
by Brett Taylor

The Good, The Bad and The Fulci: Tales of Redemption and Revenge from Four of the Apocalypse
by Christian Sellers

No Future for You: Punk Aesthetics and British Identity in Derek Jarman's Jubilee
by Andreas Stoehr

Explorers: Exploring Childhood Escapism
by Matthew House

Kiyoshi Kurosawa: Reflections on Revenge
by Joshua Samford

All that and much more for only US $7. Pre-order your copy today from Paracinema.

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