Friday, August 06, 2010

IndieGoGo Fundraising Finishes!

Fund raising for Impossibly Funky has concluded via IndieGoGo. Things started off strongly with over a thousand dollars raised in the first week. The next few thousand took a while longer to come along. At the end, the $5K goal wasn't met. Rather, the total amount collected, $4,062, was terrific!

People who donated were able to choose a variety of VIP gifts such as their name in the book, a copy of the book, an autographed copy, a DVD of Black Shampoo or just the warm, tingly feeling of helping out.

Portions of the funds have already gone towards things like a postcard campaign (3,500 cards were sent out), bookmarks, and copies of the book (to fulfill the above obligation). The rest of the money will go toward advertising and promoting the book in person.

I spent the last few weeks gathering up ad rates and dates from several websites and magazines that I appreciate. I'm amazed at the wide range of rates and have been pleased by the people that have cut me some deals based on prior relationships. I've also been kind of dismayed by the people that have yet to get back to me. "Hello? I want to give you money! Hello? Anyone there?"

I'm planning on advertising with these folks if I can afford it. They're listed in order of cost (not impact/readership):

  • Paracinema Magazine - full page = $0*
  • Roctober Magazine - 1/4 page = $50*
  • Shock Cinema Magazine - 1/4 page = $50*
  • Screem Magazine - 1/4 page = $100
  • Ultraviolent Magazine - 1/4 page = $100
  • Cineaste Magazine - 1/4 page = $220
  • Phatom of the Movies' VideoScope - 1/4 page = $250
  • Famous Monsters of Filmland - 1/4 page = $395*
  • Cinemascope Magazine - 1/4 page = $400
  • Film Comment Magazine - 1/8 page = $400
  • Rue Morgue - 1/4 page = $800*
*Discounted rate.

If you missed the window, it's not too late! Here's a way to donate and/or pre-order a copy of Impossibly Funky.

Fund raising isn't over, however, as I still need to collect money from folks who'd like to come to the book release party. I have yet to reserve the theater where this will take place because of lack of funds (and interest?). If you're able to get to Detroit and want to come out on Sunday, October 24 (or perhaps Sunday, October 17), please drop me a line/leave a comment. I'm asking $15 a person to pay for the venue rental. This includes a screening of Greydon Clark's Black Shampoo. The first time Black Shampoo has played in Detroit since the '70s!

Stay tuned for where I'll be touring the book around!

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