Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost Thoughts: (John) 316

A few thoughts:

I'm glad that Kate didn't bring Aaron back to the Island since Claire was pretty clear about that in one of Kate's "dreams" (can we be sure that was a dream or it might have been a "memory" a la Desmond getting a memory from Faraday). I keep wondering if she left Aaron with Sawyer's daughter...

I thought it was a nice plug with Hurley reading "Y: The Last Man" (en Espanol) – "Y" was written by Brian K. Vaughn who has written a few episodes and is now producing the show. This is a great book, BTW. It's about a guy named Yorick Brown (his Dad was a big Shakespeare fan) who is… the last man on earth. The only survivor (apart from his pet monkey) of an "incident” that wiped out all people with a Y chromosome. Ironically, Yorick is trying to get to Australia to find his girlfriend. Kind of a reverse of the 815 flight from Australia.

Thanks to Steve Conroy for pointing this out to me. I love this kind of stuff:

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