Friday, October 05, 2007

Where goeth THE FALL?

In 2006 I saw a really breathtaking film at the Toronto International Film Festival, Tarsem Singh's THE FALL. This colorful remake of Zako Heskija's YO HO HO (1981), this isn't the best film in the world but I found it a might bit more engaging than Darren Aronofsky's THE FOUNTAIN and a vast improvement over Singh's previous work, THE CELL. Sadly, after its screenings at TIFF, THE FALL fell from the face of the Earth. (For my review, visit the Cashiers du Cinemart archives)

According to a June 26, 2007 article in The Los Angeles Times by Patrick Goldstein, THE FALL has yet to find a distributor and there's little hope for one in sight. This really floors me. Sure, THE FALL lacks star power and a modicum of commercial appeal but it was actually entertaining (so much so that I'd like to see it a second time), more than one can say about 90% of the claptrap that came out in 2007 -- The Year of the Threequel (a misnomer considering the "fourquels" of DIE HARD and SAW).

THE FALL isn't a "lost gem" but it's definitely something that shouldn't languish in limbo.

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