Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fantasia Reviews Pt. 3


Welcome to No Use High, a religious school that could only exist in an Internet comic world ("Multi-Cell Girl"). Our story takes place in Atheism class where a rash of rashes spells out how promiscuous the itchy student body has been. It seems that the only students not engaging in extra-curricular copulation are Cyclops (Kyeon Lee) and hopeful prostitute, Poor Girl (Ok-bin Kim). She’s trying to earn enough cash to rid herself of the grey, fuzzy beast of poverty that’s constantly (and literally) on her back.

The story of Poor Girl is the central narrative thread of the film. Her adventures introduce audiences to Big Razor Sis (Won-jong Lee), a beefy gangster transvestite to whom Poor Girl promises her school uniform upon graduation. We also follow the exploits of Anthony (Jin-woo Park), the Swiss exchange student who often breaks into song (complete with karaoke sing-along lyrics on screen) about his love for Cyclops’s sister, Double Eyes (Eun-seong Lee). And, just for fun, the final narrative is a mystery story; why are the girls of No Use High suddenly virginal lasses, concentrating more on study than being slutty?

The tone of DASEPO NAUGHTY GIRLS often borders on lunacy but this vignette-heavy tale eventually wraps up the loose ends after taking viewers on a wild ride. -- Mike White

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